August 21, 2017: Day One

12.30 Registration / Welcome Coffee Building 6
13.00 Helvetica Session (Details)
Prof. Harry Anderson, University of Oxford
Prof. Luisa De Cola, Université de Strasbourg
Building 6, Lecture hall 001 (B6.001)
14.20 Short Break  
14.30 'Future Leaders on Stage', SCS Postdoc Colloquium (Details)
Detailed Program incl. abstracts
16.15 Coffee Break B6
16.45 'Future Leading Companies on Stage', SCS Start-up Colloquium (Details) B6.001
17.45 Short Break  
18.00 KGF-SCS Senior Industrial Award Lecture 2017/I (Details)
Dr. Emmanuel Pinard, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
18.30 Poster Session I / Beer and Brezel (Details)
Commercial exhibition
Search abstract by topic, presenter, key word
B8, Ground floor 
19.00 SCS VIP event (Details)
Apéro Riche and Networking 
19.30: Award Ceremonies of SCS Major Awards 2017
B8, vonRoll Lounge
21.00 End of day one   

August 22, 2017: Day Two

09.00 Registration / Welcome Coffee Building 6
09.45 KGF-SCS Industrial Award Lecture 2017 (Details)
Dr. Richard Sedrani, Novartis Pharma AG
10.15 Grammaticakis-Neumann Award Lecture 2017 (Details)
Prof. Robert Knowles, Princeton University
10.45 Short Break B6
11.00 Parallel Session I (Details)
- Analytical Sciences
- Catalysis Science & Engineering
- Inorganic & Coordination Chemistry
- Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
- Organic Chemistry
- Physical Chemistry
- Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
- (Computational Chemistry: will take place in Basel on the occasion of the Symposium for Theoretical Chemistry (STC))


(STC in Basel)
11.00 Symposium on PAT & Industry 4.0, part I (Details) Build. 8, B8.B101
12.45 Lunch and Poster Session II (Details)
Search abstract by topic, presenter, key word
VIP lounge
Commercial exhibition
B8, ground floor
General Assembly of the Swiss Young Chemists' Association SYCA

15.00 Parallel Session II (Details)
Same sessions as in the morning
Detailed Program incl. abstracts
same as in the morning
15.00 Symposium on PAT & Industry 4.0, part II (Details) Build. 8, B8.B101
16.45 Short Break B6
17.00 KGF-SCS Senior Industrial Award Lecture 2017/II (Details)
Dr. Thomas Netscher, DSM Nutritional Products Ltd
17.30 Sandmeyer Award Lecture 2017 (Details)
Dr. Dan Fishlock, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
18.00 Best Oral / Poster Award Ceremony (Details) B6.001
18.30 Closing Remarks and end of the Fall Meeting 2017 B6.001