Mon, 21. August 2017, 16.45-17.45h, building 6, lecture hall 001

Do you plan a career in academia or industry, or do you plan to be your own boss and establish your own company? Four representatives of successful spin-offs and start-ups will report on their ventures and will talk about their way from the business idea to it realization.

Meet successful entrepreneurs and learn about how to start your own company.

The presenting companies are selected and invited by the organizing committee to ensure regional and topical diversity.

Confirmed Talks

Topadur Pharma AG, Dr. Reto Naef
Innovative medication for the treatment of severe wounds enabling significant improvements to patients’ quality of life.
Founded in 2015
  SpiroChem AG, Dr. Florent Beaufils
Specialized in the design and commercialization of novel building blocks for use in drug discovery.
Founded in 2011 (Spin-off of ETH)
  CyanoGuard AG, Dr. Benedikt Kirchgässler
Technology for naked-eye detection of cyanide in water, food extracts and blood samples
Founded in 2016 (Spin-off of University of Zurich)
INOFEA AG, Dr. Yves Dudal
INOFEA empowers enzymes. We have developed a unique and patented platform technology to fit enzymes to in vivo and process conditions.
Founded in 2014 


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