Plenary Session, Start-up presentation

INOFEA AG – empowering enzymes

Y. Dudal1
1INOFEA AG, c/o Basel Inkubator, Hochbergerstrasse 60c, CH-4057 Basel

Enzymes, or biocatalysts, are specialty proteins. Like antibodies to antigens, enzymes exhibit remarkable specificity for their substrate and naturally facilitate many chemical conversions.

However, the use of enzymes in the biotech industry ($2.3bn) is strongly limited by the fact that enzymes are highly sensitive like most proteins and usually not fitted to in vivo and process conditions.

INOFEA empowers enzymes. We have developed a unique and patented platform technology to fit enzymes to in vivo and process conditions.

We are developing a wealth of applications from this platform technology in the Health industry. We can either formulate enzymes for bioanalysis purposes, or as bioingredients or drugs efficient in in vivo conditions, and improve industrial biotransformation processes.