Plenary Session, Start-up presentation

SpiroChem AG: innovative building blocks for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries

F. Beaufils1
1SpiroChem AG, Rosental area, WRO-1047-3, Mattenstrasse 24, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

About SpiroChem 

SpiroChem AG is a Swiss fine chemicals company providing innovative building blocks for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. The R&D team is continuously identifying and designing new fragments (small rings, heterocycles, spirocycles, fluorinated building blocks) leading to novel IP and Structural/Functional space. These are selected to have optimized pharmacokinetic and physicochemical properties ideal for use in biomedical, agrochemical and health sciences. For example, a wide range of substituted, diverse bicyclo[x.y.z]alkane derivatives have been developed!

SpiroChem offers the broadest set of bio-isosteric replacements for discovery and lead optimization. Unlike other companies, SpiroChem is engaged in all aspects of discovery research involving small molecule building blocks: design, synthesis route development, functional group diversification, and process optimization. Compounds are available on demand from gram- to kg-scale. SpiroChem also offers custom synthesis services (FTE/FFS) and designs customized libraries (building blocks and fragments) to energize your SAR studies, expand chemical diversity and help you develop the drugs of tomorrow. It is all about chemists interacting with fellow chemists at SpiroChem!

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